The Fresh IPA

We work with you and your team to amplify the value of your current marketing plan and gain even more revenue. These IPAs are fast, economical approaches to solving simple marketing problems. Our very productive happy hour, it’s inexpensive, leaves you feeling positive, and is a great way our team to get to know you and your organization. No rocking the boat. No major overhauls. No long build up. No conflict. Just marketing and sales methodologies implemented within your existing system and custom-designed to earn you income.


Is your website gorgeous but lazy?

Some common issues:
1.) You’ve got a pretty cool website, but nobody is clicking on it.
2.) Or, they’re clicking on it, but you don’t know who “they” are, where they’re clicking, or why. Maybe they’re clicking on the unimportant things and missing what counts.
3.) You know who they are, and why they’re there, and they’re hitting all the right buttons… but they’re still not customers.

Let’s work together to set up your site so that you know who’s visiting, how often, and for how long – all in a simple report that you can view on-demand. We’ll also work together to create effective ways to engage with people who visit your site, so that you can learn who they are, why they’re there, and how to contact them. And if you’d like to stick around for another round, we could take that information to work on inside sales.


Want to be more efficient about finding and communicating with customers?

Let’s talk tools.
Do you feel like you’re doing things the hard way?
Wondering how your competition has regular emails going out with tracking and conversions?
Interested in learning how chatbots can streamline your communications and get people to the right department faster?
Do you know who your customer should be, but you don’t have the right methods or tools to prospect and get that meeting?

We will help you identify the right tools to give you a hand up on all of this and more.


Do you want to feel that your time on the road is well spent?

Make your field marketing work harder for you.

Together, we will make sure you’re hosting the right events at the right time with the right guest list and partners.

Let’s make sure you’re attending the right conferences and trade shows. And let’s double-check that you’re getting maximum promotion across all channels – email, partnerships, events, social, and PR.

We will help you do an equipment audit so you know you have the right set-up to demonstrate and sell, collect contact information, and close deals before, during, and after the show.


Too many projects, not enough time, people, or money?

No marketing department ever seems big enough to handle all the must-do tasks, let alone tackle the nice-to-haves.
There are never enough hours in the day, and marketing is so critical to brand success, product launches, and sales efforts.
Outsourcing can be a game-changer, but you probably find it just as time-intensive to hire a team or find contractors, not to mention dealing with long-term commitments and additional overhead.

What could you complete with an on-demand, affordable, infinitely-scalable marketing team?
• Complete slicks and case studies that sales asked for months ago
• Design, Build, and Schedule a month or two of social posts
• Fully develop a new drip campaign for an upcoming launch (assets, emails, strategy)
• Input those site pages longing to be loaded
• Booth design, materials ordering, shipping
• Anything!
Revelocity provides Marketing as a Managed Service, and can stand up a team of category experts to take any backlog – essential or non – and “ship it.”

We put out quality materials in line with your brand documents, customer personas, and outlines.

If you find an especially good fit, any of the individuals on the Revelocity team are open to discussing permanent placement – and we’re open to poaching. ????


$1 saved is $1.55 earned.

Remember your early econ and accounting classes? If not, here’s a refresher: the effort it takes to save $1 is far less than the effort to create $1. A saved dollar in hand is the equivalent $1.55 earned, figuring a marginal tax rate of 35%. Not to mention the time and effort required to make that dollar.

We love startups, we live for bootstrapping, and we excel at crunching numbers. Let’s work together to examine existing processes, systems, software, and equipment to see where you can save money. A regular review of costs and exploration of current technologies and methods is a healthy practice that can often avoid unnecessary capital investments while also saving money and improving efficiency.

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