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Custom Tailored Managed Service Offerings

Please don't call us consultants

Strategize, Think, Lead, and Do

We Build and Manage a Team of Experts to help you solve your problems.
We don’t charge you to tell you things are broken, we show you how to resolve the issues, bring you the team to fix them, and make sure that the work is done fast, economically, and exceptionally.

Our process is simple and straightforward. No gotchas, no confusion.

Step 1: Determine a Need

(What value does Revelocity bring to you?)

Let us help you figure this out for free.

Let's find results that matter.

We know our services can be useful to everyone - that's why we're here and growing so fast.

But what do you need?

Some organizations need help catching up a backlog, or minimal part time help in doing a few different things.

Other organizations need the effort of a few full-time hires to launch new campaigns and content objectives, but without the cost.

We encounter organizations that need new websites, new branding, development documentation, go-to-market and product strategies - but that don't want to work with multiple agencies and go on severe hiring sprees to fill.

We're here to talk it through. Our needs consultations are free, and often provide feedback that make big problems seem a lot smaller.

Step 2: Pick a Solution Level

A full Marketing Managed Service Offering, for less than the cost of a great full-time employee.

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You know who you are, and you know what you want. You've got marketing production needs that are outside of your current bandwidth. You crave a team that understands your position, anticipates your needs, and gets things done. You need multiple projects on track and getting done at the same time. Endeavor checks your boxes.



You have multiple departments with frequent asks. Your sales team needs slide presentations and emails. Your brand team needs social media designed and scheduled. Product needs slicks updated, and some graphics for the project. Everyone deserves equal priority, and projects need to get done now. We get it, and you should get Voyager

Step 3: Marketing and Business Development Workshop

We walk in with questions, we walk out with an amazing plan.

Determine goals and what marketing does to get you there.

Finding your place in the market requires not only a compass, but a map to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

What are you looking for? Going to market? Maintaining brand marketing? To generate one million dollars in directly-attributable, recaptured and net-new closed/won business? We want to be specific, this helps create functional, sustainable marketing.
The deliverable from this workshop will provide the high level roadmap that will be used & iterated upon to ensure performance each quarter and throughout the year. The Plan will be used as baseline for future marketing & sales planning activities.

Your Place, or Ours?

We conduct our workshops over the period of 1-2 days, in chunks, via video conference, in your office, or at our St Louis facilities. Ever want to visit St Louis? We've got a corporate Air BnB, and you're free to stay.

"What do we have to work with"

This helps us understand what groundwork is set, and what more needs to be done. Branding elements, organization, website, CRM, data hygiene, process management... we dig into everything to close gaps, avoid redundancy, and speed up results.

A Lot of Helpful Deliverables

Not long after the workshop completes, we come to you with:
A living document: your Core Messaging Matrix.
Contained within this document are: Positioning Strategy; Positioning Statements; Value Propositions; Key Messaging & Proof Points

An organized Marketing and Branding Asset Library including graphics, logos, approved images, copy assets, and other materials to keep your message and brand uniform.

A high level roadmap that will be used & iterated upon to ensure performance over the year. This Workshop Roadmap will be used as baseline for future marketing & sales planning activities.

Beginning & Onboarding

Onboarding is essential to successfully and efficiently executing any project. Likes/Dislikes, materials on hand, materials needed, defining points of contact, performing team introductions, and establishing expectations.

Onboarding is conducted as a workshop to analyze the past, present, and business desires.
We look at company branding documents, core messaging documentation, and a great deal more centered around your goals, and the tools we need to make sure they’re achieved.

The deliverables from this workshop will provide the high level roadmap that will be used & iterated upon to ensure performance over the duration of the project, usually six months or one year. This roadmap and plan will be used as the baseline for future marketing & sales planning activities. It might also include a software tech stack and other tools suggestion list. Most importantly, it provides direction, certainty, and measurable performance indicators.

For Fresh IPA projects and limited engagements onboarding consists of a video conference, usually about one hour long, and a checklist/homework assignment of materials we will need to complete the project. Daily reporting or full standups may be needed during the project – especially for events.

A Full Onboarding Session is highly recommended for organizations new to marketing, looking to pivot, or who have gaps in their documentation (see below for what you may be missing, and what we provide):

Core Messaging Matrix
Persona and competitor’s information will be used to develop a core messaging matrix that includes the following:

Positioning Strategy | Positioning Statements | Value Propositions | Key Messaging & Proof Points

The core messaging matrix is the foundation that will enable marketing & sales programs to be built faster with messaging consistency. This includes but is not limited to, content development, sales enablement, campaign planning, & more. Personas, competitor’s analysis & intel, and the Core Messaging Matrix are intended to be “living” documents. For maximum value & impact, they are regularly updated to give an organization the best opportunity for success with their marketing and sales programs development.

Revenue Workroom & Marketing Toolkit
Your Revenue Workroom is the project management platform for your engagement with us. Your files, comments, approvals, and communications will all happen or bee contained within the Revenue Workroom. You determine who has access to what.
The Marketing Toolkit is an accessible, feature rich repository of copy, images, slides, and other assets to enable the organization to make more unified, more rapid, and better closing communications. The Marketing Toolkit is a living entity, that will be constantly updated with additional and new materials as projects are completed, as well as version controlling and retiring old materials.

The high level roadmap that will be used & iterated upon to ensure performance over the duration of the project, usually six months or one year. This roadmap and plan will be used as the baseline for future marketing & sales planning activities.

Step 4: We Assemble Your Team

Industry Professionals aligned with Quarterly and Annual Objectives, brought together for each project cycle

Step 4b: We Configure Your Tech

If you’re choosing the optional Revelocity Marketing Technology (Martech) stack, we’ll begin the concierge migration. This includes conducting data hygiene, configuring forms, and migrating evergreen campaigns.

Marketing Automation & Campaigns

CRM and Sales Management

Customer Collaboration Tools

Productivity & Organization Tools

Step 5: Reporting, Ideating, Pivoting

Analyze your Results

One of the things that makes us extremely unique in the Marketing industry is that our platform is focused exclusively on Marketing ROI. If you're spending money with us, we are working with you on a roadmap and plan to turn marketing investment dollars into leads and captured business.
Not many, if any, agencies or consultancies will say that.

Restructure Team for Projects on Hand

Part of the beauty of the platform is regular analysis and restructuring on projects and teams to make sure that the marketing and business development projects intended to be accomplished are accomplished.

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